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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2004

The effect of parentage on the prevalence, severity and location of lesions of osteochondrosis in swine

Ytrehus B, Grindflek E, Teige J, Stubsjoen E, Grondalen T, Carlson CS, Ekman S


The aims of this study were to determine the effects of parentage and gender on the prevalence, severity and location of lesions of osteochondrosis manifesta (OCM) and osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) in offspring from different Norwegian Landrace boars and to examine the relationships between lesion characteristics and selected growth parameters. Fifteen sires were selected based on their high breeding value for osteochondrosis. Seven locations in the distal humerus and the distal femur from 1680 offspring of these animals were evaluated for severity of OCM and presence of OCD by gross examination of serially sectioned humeri and femora. Osteochondrosis manifesta was most prevalent in the trochlea of humerus, the sagittal ridge of humerus, the medial condyle of femur and the medial sulcus obliquus of femur. The severity of the lesions and the prevalence of OCD were highest in the trochlea and the sagittal ridge of humerus. Castrates had significantly higher OCM scores than sows. There were significant effects of both sire and dam on the OCM scores of the offspring in most locations; however, growth rate and weight at slaughter did not influence the OCM score

Published in

Zentralblatt für Veterinärmedizin
2004, Volume: 51, number: 4, pages: 188-195