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Book chapter2012Peer reviewed

Evidence based agri-environmental policies: the Swedish experience

Höjgård, Sören; Rabinowicz, Ewa


This chapter discusses the evaluation of agri-environmental measures within Axis 2 of the CAP's Rural Development Programme, focusing on methodological aspects. The evidence analysed is based on experiences from the recent mid-term evaluation of the Swedish Rural Development Programme, which is dominated (70 per cent) by Axis 2 measures. The authors identify major weaknesses in the present evaluation proce­dure and suggest appropriate remedies. The weaknesses in­clude, inter alia, vague concepts, insufficient availability of suitable methodology and lack of empirical data. A number of strong recommendations for improvement are formulated, which would jointly improve the objectivity and scientific rigour of the methodology as currently applied.

Published in

Title: Evaluation of Agr-Environmental Policies:Selected methodological issues and case studies
ISBN: 9789264179325
Publisher: OECD