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Research article2012Peer reviewed

A literature review of Arthonia s. lat

Sundin, Rikard; Thor, Göran; Frisch, A


A review of Arthonia s. lat. which focusses on the extensive literature dealing with the infrageneric, generic and suprageneric classifi cation is presented. The generic concepts within Arthoniaceae to a major extent date back to the 19th century and the phylogenetic position of the major lineages within the family remain speculative due to the limited molecular data available. A key to eight possibly monophyletic groups of mainly non-tropical Arthonia s. lat. is presented, namely Arthonia s. str., Arthothelium A. Massal. s. str., Coniangium Fr., Coniocarpon DC., Mycarthothelium Vain., "Necrothelium" ad int., "Ochrocarpon (Vain.)" ad int. and Trachylia Fr. A short morphological characterization is presented for each group and some synonyms are provided. Since almost half of the species in the Arthoniomycetes belong to Arthonia, further research in this genus is crucial to a better understanding of the phylogeny of this large class of fungi. One important step towards resolving the phylogeny would be extended sampling for molecular studies. A future splitting and re-arrangement of Arthonia, as well as Arthothelium, Cryptothecia, Herpothallon and Opegrapha, based on molecular studies, can be expected. A list of generic synonyms to Arthonia, Arthothelium and some possibly related genera is provided. As indicated here, several old generic names are available for monophyletic segregates, and even more names are available at the infrageneric level. Plearthonis and Allarthonia are placed in synonomy with Chrysothrix, and type species are selected for the genera Leprantha, Pachnolepia and Pseudo-Arthonia.

Published in

Bibliotheca Lichenologica
2012, Volume: 108, pages: 257-290