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Magazine article, 2012

Phytosterol oxidation in foods and food products

Dutta, Paresh


The cholesterol-lowering eff ect of phytosterols/ plant sterols (PS) has been known since the 1950s—initially from studies using very high doses of PS. Later, human trials demonstrated that a PS dose of 2 g/day consistently lowered plasma cholesterol levels. Dietary intakes of PS range from 150 to 400 mg/day, and the absorption of PS is below 10%. On the other hand, the PS intake of vegetarians is up to 40% higher than the average in the nonvegetarian general population. Such increased consumption of PS and phytostanols has been reported to increase the cholesterol-lowering effect by up to15%.

Published in

International news on fats, oils, and related materials
2012, Volume: 23, number: 4, pages: 265-268

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