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Research article2012Peer reviewedOpen access

cDNA Cloning and Expression Analysis of Pattern Recognition Proteins from the Chinese Oak Silkmoth, Antheraea pernyi

Li, Fengjuan; Terenius, Olle; Yuan, Li; Fang, Suyun; Li, Wenli


Pattern recognition receptors play an important role in insect immune defense. We cloned the β-1,3-glucan recognition protein, lectin-5 and C-type lectin 1 genes of Antheraea pernyi and examined the expression profiles of immune-stimulated pupae. After infection with Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Antheraea pernyi nuclear polyhedrosis virus (ApNPV) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, respectively, the pupae showed different gene expression levels in the different tissues examined (midgut, fatbody, epidermis, testis, and hemocytes). ApβGRP and Aplectin-5 was induced by all the microorganisms, and mainly in epidermis and hemocytes, but not in testis; Aplectin-5 was also expressed in fatbody. Ap C-type lectin 1 was, on the contrary, highly expressed in testis and also in fatbody, but not in hemocytes. Unlike ApβGRP and Aplectin-5, Ap C-type lectin 1 was not induced by Gram-positive bacteria. The results suggest that the cloned lectins may have different functions in different tissues of A. pernyi.

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2012, Volume: 3, number: 4, pages: 1093-1104

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