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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Present status and future of switchgrass going to scale plantation in China

Ma, YongQing; Hao, ZhiQiang; Xiong, Shaojun; Liu, Jili


Switchgrass is internationally Recognized as the most Suitable Biofuel plant.The planting of switchgrass is Relatively Small Scale in China, SO the introduction of switchgrass is still in the Initial stage.Switchgrass is Mainly Introduced to northern Part of China while it is Not reported that there is an introduction of switchgrass to southern part of China.The introduction history of switchgrass and its cultivation status were briefly described in this paper.According to the problems appeared in the process of introduction, we analyzed the technical problems in switchgrass planting and the prospect for planting switchgrass in our country.It has prosperous prospects for switchgrass plantation in China because it was reported that the switchgrass is an effective soil and water conservation plant and is a high-quality forage.As the second generation bioenergy plant, switchgrass could be planted in abandoned sandpits, saline-alkali soils and lands unfavorable for crop production.However, in order to introduce switchgrass systematically, a closely cooperation among enterprises, government and farmers is still needed.

Published in

Journal- China Agricultural University
2012, Volume: 17, number: 6, pages: 133-137