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Research article2008Peer reviewedOpen access

The auxin influx carrier LAX3 promotes lateral root emergence

Swarup, Kamal; Benkova, Eva; Swarup, Ranjan; casimiro Ilda, ; Péret, Benjamin; Yang, Yaodong; Parry, Geraint; Nielsen, Erik; De Smet, I; Vanneste, S; Levesque, Mitch P.; Carrier, David; James, Nicholas; Calvo, Vanessa; Ljung, Karin; Kramer, Eric; Roberts, Rebecca; Graham, Neil; Marillonnet, Sylvestre; Patel, Kanu;
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Lateral roots originate deep within the parental root from a small number of founder cells at the periphery of vascular tissues and must emerge through intervening layers of tissues. We describe how the hormone auxin, which originates from the developing lateral root, acts as a local inductive signal which re-programmes adjacent cells. Auxin induces the expression of a previously uncharacterized auxin influx carrier LAX3 in cortical and epidermal cells directly overlaying new primordia. Increased LAX3 activity reinforces the auxin-dependent induction of a selection of cell-wall-remodelling enzymes, which are likely to promote cell separation in advance of developing lateral root primordia.

Published in

Nature Cell Biology
2008, Volume: 10, number: 8, pages: 946-954