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Modification and cross-linking parameters in hyaluronic acid hydrogels-Definitions and analytical methods

Kenne, Lennart; Gohil, Suresh; Nilsson, Eva; Karlsson, Anders; Ericsson, David; Helander Kenne, Anne; Nord, Lars I.


The method, could be applicable to the major cross-linked HA hydrogels currently on the market, and is exemplified here by application to two HA hydrogels. The definitions and methods presented are important contributions in attempts to find relationships between MoD, DS and CrD to mechanical properties as well as to biocompatibility of HA hydrogels. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Hyaluronan; Hydrogel; Degree of cross-linking; Effective cross-linker ratio; Degree of modification; Characterization; Determination

Published in

Carbohydrate Polymers
2013, Volume: 91, number: 1, pages: 410-418

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