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Conference paper2012Peer reviewed

Organic animal breeding 2012 – a position paper from the European consortium for organic animal breeding, Eco AB

Nauta, Wytze; Spengler Neff, Anet; Conington, J; Ahlman, Therese; Lövendahl, P; Rydhmer, Lotta


The Europan consortium for Organic Animal Breeding ( wrote this overview on organic animal breeding, showing differences between organic and conventional breeding, pointing out arising problems and possible solutions, and introducing several organic animal breeding projects that had been carried out in different European countries over the past 15 years.


organic animal breeding; low input; biodiversity; reproduction technologies

Published in

Landbauforschung Völkenrode. Sonderheft
2012, Volume: 362, number: 362 special issue, pages: 309-320 ISBN: 978-3-86576-094-4
Publisher: Johann Heinrich von Thünen - Institut, Federal research institute for rural areas, forestry and fisheries


2nd Organic Animal Husbandry Conference on Tackling the Future Challenges of Organic Animal Husbandry, SEP 12-14, 2012, Hamburg, GERMANY