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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2009

Pollen-tube growth rates in Collinsia heterophylla (Plantaginaceae): one-donor crosses reveal heritability but no effect on sporophytic-offspring fitness

Lankinen, Åsa; Maad, Johanne; Armbruster, W Scott


These results suggest that pollen-tube growth rate can respond to selection via male function. The data presented here do not provide any support for the hypothesis that intense pollen competition enhances maternal plant fitness through increased paternity by higher-quality sporophytic fathers, although this advantage cannot be ruled out. These data are, however, consistent with the hypothesis that pollen competition is itself selectively advantageous, through both male and female function, by reducing the genetic load among successful gametophytic fathers (pollen), and reducing inbreeding depression associated with self-pollination in plants with mix-mating systems.


Collinsia heterophylla; evolvability; female fitness; good genes; heritability; male fitness; mixed-mating system; Plantaginaceae; pollen competition; sexual selection

Published in

Annals of Botany
2009, volume: 103, number: 6, pages: 941-950

Authors' information

Lund University
Maad, Johanne
Armbruster, W Scott

UKÄ Subject classification

Evolutionary Biology

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