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Research article, 2012

Public outdoor playgrounds and their qualities to users

Jansson, Märit


Public outdoor playgrounds have received much criticism for not meeting the needs of children and other users, but some playgrounds appear more popular than others. In order to determine playground qualities for users, playground use and preferences were explored through a case study in two small Swedish towns. Methods included group interviews with children and questionnaires to preschools and parents of preschoolers. The study revealed that user groups focus on different aspects, but all find qualities even in some rather simple playground settings. Local differences through social and landscape factors can affect playground use and preferences. Placement in green surroundings and close to child-friendly infrastructure can increase use, while challenging and unique play equipment creates interest but has limited effects on use. Place-specific playground qualities appear important in playground quality perception by users.


outdoor play; playground quality; user perspectives; children; place

Published in

Fengjing yuanlin
2012, Volume: 2012, number: 2, pages: 36-41