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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Functional Density – A Conceptual Framework in a Townscape Areas Context.

Granvik, Madeleine; Berg, Per G; Hedfors, Per


Densification is today a popular strategy among planners and planning researchers to promote sustainable urban development. Some common arguments are that urban neighbourhoods with higher population den-sities can reduce car traffic and promote public transport, biking and walking – thereby reducing the environmental impact from transport. Densification is also presumed to provide a better economic basis for municipal services. The effects of densification has–however-seldom been evaluated and needs to be discussed in a nuanced and critical way. This paper discusses densification as a planning strategy mainly from a theoretical and conceptual point of view. Focus is on what kind of densification strategies and meanings that are to be found in differ-ent townscape areas in typical Swedish cities. We suggest a conceptual framework, developed from the main concept Functional Density.

Published in

The Nordic Journal of Architectural Research
2012, Volume: 24, number: 2, pages: 29-46