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Research article2012Peer reviewed

Research note: Economic values in the Swedish nature-based recreation sector - a synthesis

Fredman, Peter; Boman, Mattias; Lundmark, Linda; Mattsson, Leif


This research synthesis reports the main findings from a review of economic values associated with nature-based recreation in Sweden. The purpose of the work was to support policy and to identify areas for future research. Data came from over 150 scientific publications and other public sources. The authors find inter alia a lack of systematic data for several recreation activities (including nature-based tourism), a significant growth in the outdoor equipment industry and a relatively modest economic involvement by the public sector. The information is structured under different categories to illustrate the significance and range of different economic values. The authors conclude that there is a need for more comprehensive and systematically collected data, methodological development and interdisciplinary research.


nature-based recreation; nature-based tourism; economic values; expenditures; Sweden

Published in

Tourism Economics
2012, Volume: 18, number: 4, pages: 903-910 Publisher: I P PUBLISHING LTD