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Research article2011Peer reviewed

LC-MS/MS profiling for detection of endogenous steroids and prostaglandins in tissue samples

Surowiec, I; Koc, Mariusz; Antti, Henrik; Wikström, Pernilla; Moritz, Thomas


Roles of steroid hormones, and compounds that can influence their levels in cells, are of increasing interest in e.g. cancer research, partly because resistance to hormone therapies often complicates treatment. To elucidate the processes involved, the hormones and related compounds need to be accurately measured. Reversed-phase liquid chromatography with dynamic multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometric detection in electrospray mode is capable of providing such measurements. Therefore, LC-MS/MS was developed for sensitive, selective analysis of 11 steroid hormones, cholesterol and two prostaglandins. The effects of the tissue matrix, and solid-phase extraction (SPE) sample clean-up, on the LC-MS/MS signals of the hormones were also investigated. The results show that the developed LC-MS/MS method, following SPE clean-up to reduce matrix interference, can detect selected steroids in extracts of mouse tissues. The method provides linear measurements of the steroids at concentrations up to few ng/mu L, and limits of detection in the range 0.03-0.2 pg/mu L (for some compounds lower than those of previously reported methods).


LC-MS/MS; Prostaglandins; Solid-phase extraction; Steroid hormones; Tissue analysis

Published in

Journal of Separation Science
2011, Volume: 34, number: 19, pages: 2650-2658