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Method of producing polymers of spider silk proteins

Johansson, Jan; Hedhammar, My; Rising, Anna; Nordling, Kerstin


Amethodofproducingpolymersofan isolatedspidersilkprotein consistingoffrom 170 to 600 amino acid residues involves providing a solutionofsaidspidersilkprotein in a liquid medium at pH 6.4 or higher and/or an ion composition that prevents polymerisationofthespidersilkprotein. The propertiesofthe liquid medium are adjusted to a pHof6.3 or lower and an ion composition that allows polymerisationofthespidersilkprotein. Thespidersilkprotein is allowed to form solidpolymersin the liquid medium, and the resulting solidspidersilkproteinpolymersare isolated from the liquid medium. The resultingpolymersare useful as fibers, films, foams, nets or meshes.

Published in

Application number: US13/264,938
Patent number: US20120041177A1
Application published date: 2012-02-16
Publication date: 2012-02-16