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Howard, William; Watson, Alastair; Madsen, Jens; Johansson, Jan; Rising, Anna; Kronqvist, Nina; Nordling, Kerstin


The present invention provides a fusion protein comprising: i) a solubility-enhancing moiety which is derived from the N-terminal (NT) fragment of a spider silk protein; and ii) a C-type lectin polypeptide. The present invention also provides a truncated SP-A polypeptide which lacks the N-terminal domain of full SP-A and is capable of trimerisation, and to the use of such a truncated SP-A polypeptide in treating or preventing a disease.

Published in

Application number: PCT/GB2016/054004
Patent number: WO2017109477A3
Application published date: 2017-06-29
Publication date: 2017-08-24