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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Characterization of Radium Sulphate

Hedström, Hanna; Persson, Ingmar; Skarnemark, Gunnar; Ekberg, Christian


This paper examines the crystal structure of radium sulphate and compares its structure to barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, and lead sulphate. The radium sulphate powder was measured by both powder X-ray diffraction and EXAFS. The unit cell was determined to be orthorhombic, belonging to the Pnma (no. 62) space group with the cell parameters = 9.07, = 5.52, = 7.28 Å, and = 364.48 Å3.These data support the fact that radium sulphate is isostructural with barium, strontium, and lead sulphate.The bond distances were determined using EXAFS.The mean Ra-O and S-O bond distances were found to be 2.96(2) and 1.485(8) Å, respectively, and the Ra-O-S bond angle was 127(2) . Findings of EXAFS data are quite consistent and support the XRD data. These findings show that it is possible for radium to coprecipitate with barium, strontium, and lead in sulphate media to form a substitutional solid solution.

Published in

Journal of Nuclear Chemistry
2013, article number: 940701

Authors' information

Hedström, Hanna
Chalmers University of Technology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Chemistry
Skarnemark, Gunnar
Chalmers University of Technology
Ekberg, Christian
Chalmers University of Technology

UKÄ Subject classification

Inorganic Chemistry

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