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Other publication - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Complete Genome Sequence of a Velogenic Neurotropic Avian Paramyxovirus 1 Isolated from Peacocks (Pavo cristatus) in a Wildlife Park in Pakistan

Munir, Muhammad; Shabbir, Muhammad Z.; Yaqub, Tahir; Shabbir, Muhammad Abu Bakr; Mukthar, Nadia; Khan, Muhammad R.; Berg, Mikael


Avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 (APMV-1) was isolated from an acute and highly contagious outbreak in peacocks (Pavo cristatus) in a wildlife park in Pakistan. A velogenic neurotropic form of APMV-1 caused a 100% case fatality rate and killed 190 peacocks within a week. Biological and serological characterizations showed features of a velogenic strain of APMV-1, and these results were further confirmed by sequence analysis of the cleavage site in the fusion protein. The complete genome of one of the isolates was sequenced, and phylogenetic analysis was conducted. The analysis showed that this isolate belonged to genotype VII, specifically, to subgenotype VIIa, and clustered closely with isolates characterized from Indonesia in the 1990s. Interestingly, the isolate showed significant differences from previously characterized APMV-1 isolates from commercial and rural chickens in Pakistan. The work presented here is the first complete genome sequence of any APMV-1 isolate from wild birds in the region and therefore highlights the need for increased awareness and surveillance in such bird species.


avian paramyxovirus

Published in

Journal of Virology
2012, Volume: 86, number: 23, pages: 13113-13114