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Conference paper2012

Greenhouse gas emissions from two rewetted peatlands in Sweden

Jordan, Sabine; Strömgren, Monika; Lode, Elve; Lundin, Lars; Nilsson, Torbjörn


Two rewetted, former cut-over peatlands were investigated for their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The closed-chamber method was used. In the rich Västkärr fen, CO2-fluxes decreased along the moisture gradient from vegetated soil to open water. CH4 emissions varied with season: highest in the open water with a decreasing trend towards the vegetated soil (June 2009). N2O emissions were observed occasionally: highest in the driest parts with a decreasing trend towards the open water (October 2008). In the poor Porla wetland CO2 and CH4-fluxes followed a seasonal gradient at all sites, from low fluxes in spring over high emissions in summer to low output in autumn. The bare peat emitted no CH4 whereas the wet Eriophorum vaginatum tussocks released the highest amounts during summer.


CO2, CH4, N2O, reclamation, transects

Published in

Title: Book of Abstracts of the 14th International Peat Congress, Peatlands in Balance


14th International Peat Congress: “Peatlands in Balance”