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Proceedings (editor)2012Peer reviewedOpen access

Green Infrastructure: from global to local

Kanunnikova, Larisa (ed.); Ignatieva, Maria (ed.); Egoz, Shelley (ed.); Menzies, Diane (ed.); Melnichuk, Irina (ed.)


The published proceedings of the conference "Green Infrastructure: from global to local" comprises selected abstracts in English and Russian. The conference is held at the Marble Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia, and in SLU, Uppsala, Sweden on the 11–15 June 2012, and is an initiative supported by Saint-Petersburg Administration, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University, FORMAS (Sweden), Baltic Institute (Sweden), and the European Federation of Landscape Architects. The abstracts came through the double blind peer reviewed process organized by the Conference Scientific Committee (Dr. Shelley Egoz (NZ), Dr. Maria Ignatieva (Sweden), Dr. Per Berg (Sweden), Dr. Rolf Johansson (Sweden), Ms Tuula Eriksson (Sweden) and Dr. Diane Menzies (NZ)).

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ISBN: 978-5-7422-3540-8
Publisher: Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University