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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2004

Effects of two different feeding strategies at dry-off on metabolism and milk production

Odensten, MO; Waller, KP; Holtenius, K


In an experiment with 22 primi- and multiparious cows the effects of two different feeding strategies at dry-off were tested. One group was fed straw ad libitum, while the other group was fed silage (4 kg DM) and straw ad libitum. Plasma NEFA increased significantly at dry-off, especially in the straw group. Plasma insulin and beta-hydroxybutyrate decreased in both groups. Milk fat percentage increased during dry-off as well as protein content. The metabolism of cows in the silage group were not as affected by the dry-off procedure as the cows in the straw group

Published in

Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences
2004, Volume: 13, pages: 539-542