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Conference paper2009Peer reviewed

Kinetics and kinematics of the passage

Weishaupt, M.A; Byström, Anna; von Peinen, K; Wiestner, T; Meyer, H; Waldern, N; Johnston, Christopher; van Weeren, R; Roepstorff, Lars


Potential clinical relevance: An understanding of load distribution between fore- and hindlimbs in relation to different riding techniques is crucial to prevent wear-and-tear on the locomotor apparatus.


horse; dressage horse; ground reaction force; interlimb coordination; intralimb coordination; kinematics; passage

Published in

Equine Veterinary Journal
2009, Volume: 41, number: 3, pages: 263-267
Publisher: Equine Veterinary Journal LTD


6th International Conference on Equine Locomotion