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Research article2010Peer reviewedOpen access

Influence of girth strap placement and panel flocking material on the saddle pressure pattern during riding of horses

Byström, Anna; Stalfelt, Annika; Egenvall, Agneta; von Peinein, Katja; Morgan, K; Roepstorff, Lars


Both flocking material and girthing have a significant influence on the saddle pressure and should thus be considered in saddle fitting. Wool seems a better flocking material than foam of the type used in the current study. For girthing, traditional placement seems equally good if not better than the v-system. However, further studies are needed to show if these results are valid for a larger population of riding horses.


horse; saddle fit; saddle pressure; panel flocking; girthing; riding

Published in

Equine Veterinary Journal
2010, Volume: 42, number: suppl 38, pages: 502-509