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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

Connection between rod bivalents and incomplete meiotic association at NORs in Hordeum marinum Huds.

Linde-Laursen, Ib; Von Bothmer, Roland


The hypothesis of a connection between rod bivalent formation and incomplete meiotic association at NORs of SAT-chromosomes of H. marinum is supported. PMCs of H. marinum ssp. gussoneanum (2x), two diploid ssp. marinum x ssp. gussoneanum (2x) hybrids and two ssp. gussoneanum (4x) x Secale cereale hybrids at metaphase I (M-I) were analyzed by in situ hybridization. The probe pTa71 labelled rDNA sites at NORs of a single pair of homologous or near-homologous SAT-chromosomes of H. marinum in each material. In the three diploids, M-I was regular with ring bivalents and one or a few rods (av.13.52 bound arms cell-1). More rod bivalents than the expected one out of seven, i.e. 30, 67 and 89% included rDNA-carrying chromosomes. Corresponding bound short arm frequencies were 0.89, 0.72 and 0.52, while long arms and arms of other chromosomes presented complete or near- complete association. The two heterogenomic hybrids had a less regular M-I (av. 8.04 bound arms cell-1) including 20% rDNA-carrying rods with bound arm frequencies of 0.29 in short and 0.87 in long arms. Positions of chromosome associations were established in all 150 rDNA-carrying bivalents. In 77 bivalents with short arm associations, 4% of these occurred proximally to, none at, and 96% distally to rDNA sites, i.e. in satellites. In 143 bivalents with long arm associations, 83% occurred at interstitial and 17% at terminal positions. The observations combine increased frequency of rDNA-carrying rods with decreased frequency of association at NOR regions of SAT-chromosomes. The basis for the relationship is discussed.

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2012, volume: 149, number: 4, pages: 139-145

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Linde-Laursen, Ib
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Plant breeding and Biotechnology

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Genetics and Breeding

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