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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2012

A carboxylesterase, Esterase-6, modulates sensory physiological and behavioral response dynamics to pheromone in Drosophila

Chertemps, Thomas; Francois, Adrien; Durand, Nicolas; Rosell, Gloria; Dekker, Teun; Lucas, Philippe; Maibeche-Coisne, Martine


Conclusions: Our study presents evidence that Est-6 plays a role in the physiological and behavioral dynamics of sex pheromone response in Drosophila males and supports a role of Est-6 as an odorant-degrading enzyme (ODE) in male antennae. Our results also expand the role of Est-6 in Drosophila biology, from reproduction to olfaction, and highlight the role of ODEs in insect olfaction.


carboxylesterase; esterase 6; olfaction; pheromone; signal termination

Published in

BMC Biology
2012, volume: 10

Authors' information

Chertemps, Thomas
Francois, Adrien
Durand, Nicolas
Rosell, Gloria
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Protection Biology
Lucas, Philippe
Maibeche-Coisne, Martine

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Other Biological Topics

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