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Conference paper2005

A field trials data capture program for pocket PC:s

Leuchovius, Torbjörn


A data capture program has been developed for use in field trials. It runs under the Windows CE / Pocket PC operative systems. It is developed in MS Visual Basic© 6 and has been adopted for Compac Ipac, PC Allegro and Husky Fex21 computers. The user enters data in a MS Excel © like spreadsheet. It is also possible to log data from devices connected to a serial RS-232 port. The program works with definition files, one for devices to log data from, one for parameters to observe and one application/language description file. We support, for the moment, the Swedish, English and German languages. Collected data is stored in one text file per trial. The file is of the semi-colon separated type and imports easily into Excel or other programs for further processing. In Sweden, we have special field data handling routines for importing the collected field trial data into a relational database system for Windows PC:s

Published in

Proceedings of International Conferences on Mechanization of Field Experiments
2005, Volume: 2004, pages: 1-4 Publisher: International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE)


12th International Conference on Mechanization of Field Experiments - IAMFE RUSSIA 2004

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