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A Practical Culture Technique for Enhanced Production of Manganese Peroxidase by Anthracophyllum discolor Sp4

Acevedo, Francisca; Pizzul, Leticia; Castillo, María del Pilar; Rubilar, Olga; Lienqueo, María Elena; Tortella, Gonzalo; Diez, María Cristina


In this study, different growth conditions of Anthracophyllum discolor Sp4 including the effect of agitation, additions of lignocellulosic support, inducer and surfactant were evaluated on the MnP production in Kirk medium using a culture system made up of the tubes containing the glass bead. The highest MnP production (1,354 U/L on day 13) was obtained when the medium was supplemented with wheat grain and 0.25 mM MnSO(4) as inducer, under static conditions at 30 degrees C. Two isoenzymes were purified (35 and 38 kDa respectively). MnP presented a maximal activity in the pH range between 4.5 and 5.5, a relatively high temperature tolerance (50 C) and a high catalytic activity for 2,6-dimethoxyphenol and hydrogen peroxide.


white-rot fungi; ligninolytic enzymes; purification; lignocellulosic material

Published in

Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
2011, Volume: 54, number: 6, pages: 1175-1186 Publisher: INST TECNOLOGIA PARANA

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