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Research article2011Peer reviewed

Pine weevil damage to Norway spruce seedlings: effects of nutrient-loading, soil inversion and physical protection during seedling establishment

Wallertz, Kristina; Petersson, Magnus


6 We conclude that nutrient-loading of seedlings in the autumn before planting would not increase pine weevil feeding after planting. Mortality could be reduced by treatments that postpone the start of pine weevil feeding on seedlings. Such treatments, combined with planting in soil inversion, would result in increased seedling growth, vitality and tolerance to pine weevil attack.


Establishment; fertilization; Hylobius abietis; Norway spruce seedlings; pine weevil; reforestation; soil inversion

Published in

Agricultural and Forest Entomology
2011, Volume: 13, number: 4, pages: 413-421