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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2011

Influence of vacuum or high-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging on quality of beef M longissimus dorsi steaks after different ageing times

Lagerstedt Norström, Åsa; Lundström, Kerstin; Lindahl, Gunilla


The objective of the study was to determine if beef quality parameters differ between steaks in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP 80% O(2) and 20% CO(2)) and in vacuum packaging Both M longissimus dorsi (LD) from ten young bulls were cut in steaks day 3 postmortem and frozen either directly or after storage for 5 or 15 days in MAP and/or vacuum The parameters studied were Warner Bratzler shear force colour stability alpha-tocopherol content protein oxidation water holding capacity and sensory attributes Steaks stored in MAP had higher shear force than steaks stored in only vacuum at all ageing times Tenderness and juiciness were negatively affected by storage in MAP Ageing in MAP induced higher levels of metmyoglobin compared with vacuum ageing In conclusion high-oxygen MAP negatively influenced shear force thawing loss alpha-tocopherol content and colour stability as well as the sensory attributes tenderness juiciness and to some extent meat flavour (C) 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd on behalf of The American Meat Science Association


Beef; Modified atmosphere packaging; Shear force; Sensory qualities; Colour; Protein oxidation

Published in

Meat Science
2011, Volume: 87, number: 2, pages: 101-106

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