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Research article2011Peer reviewedOpen access

A water-soluble fraction from a by-product of wheat increases the formation of propionic acid in rats compared with diets based on other by-product fractions and oligofructose

Haskå, Lina; Andersson, Roger; Nyman, Margareta


Conclusions: The high formation of propionic acid with the water-soluble fraction may be attributed to the high AX content. The results also indicate that the wheat fructans produced more propionic acid and less butyric acid than oligofructose. It may furthermore be speculated that the increased formation of butyrate with the OR diet was due to synergistic effects of the components in this diet.


dietary fibre; arabinoxylan; fructan; short-chain fatty acids; carboxylic acids

Published in

Food and Nutrition Research
2011, Volume: 55, article number: 6397

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    Food Science

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