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Research article2000Peer reviewed

Breed and management interaction for production and reproduction in Swedish dairy cows

Rehn, Harriet; Berglund, Britt; Philipsson, Jan; Emanuelson, Ulf; Tengroth, Gudrun M


The effects of grazing during summer and possible interaction effects between breed and management system on milk production and postpartum reproductive performance were studied in 93 Swedish Red and White (SRB), Swedish Holstein (SLB) and Swedish Jersey (SJB) cows with 214 initiated lactations. The cows were divided into two groups: zero-grazing with tiestalls, or grazing during summer. Effects were studied by mixed-model analysis. The results indicated that grazing (rather than zero-grazing) can reduce the milk yield in the following lactation in SLB cows, whereas it had little effect on the production of SRB cows. Grazing SJB cows produced more milk, but with a significantly lower fat content. Grazing before or during the postpartum period stimulated reproductive performance, indicating a higher conception rate in all breeds and a 13-27-day shorter interval from calving to conception in the SRB and SLB cows, whereas in the limited number of SJB cows, the trend was the converse.


dairy cattle; management system; milk yield; pasture; reproduction postpartum; zero-grazing

Published in

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Science
2000, Volume: 50, number: 3, pages: 137-145