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Research article2009Peer reviewed

Tripodal Tetrahedral Titanium Coordination in the Silica-Grafted Titania Epoxidation Catalysts: Is Not It Only a Myth? Selective Formation of [Cy7Si7O12Ti](2)(mu-OR)(2)(mu-ROH) Cores on Thermal "Dissociation" of Alkoxytitanasilsesquioxanes

Seisenbaeva, Gulaim; Kessler, Vadim; Viotti, Olle


The molecular structures of the species crystallizing from solutions of alkoxytitanasilsesquioxanes in hydrocarbons upon reflux confirm the partial release of solvating alcohol. They feature, however, distinctly the formation of a dinuclear core with preserved hexacoordination for the metal atoms. The active titanium centers in the silica-titania epoxidation catalysts, lacking the sterically demanding ligands, are thus quite probably also hexacoordinated.

Published in

Inorganic Chemistry
2009, Volume: 48, number: 19, pages: 9063-9065 Publisher: AMER CHEMICAL SOC