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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2009

The index herd with PMWS in Sweden: Presence of serum amyloid A, circovirus 2 viral load and antibody levels in healthy and PMWS-affected pigs

Wallgren, Per; Brunborg, IM; Blomqvist, G; Bergström, G; Hasslung Wikström, Frida; Allan, Gordon; Fossum, Caroline; Jonassen, CM


Conclusion: In this index case of PMWS in Sweden, pigs affected by PMWS were not able to mount a relevant serum antibody response which contributed to the disease progression. The maximal PCV2 virus load was significantly higher and was also detected at an earlier stage in PMWS-affected pigs than in healthy pigs. However, a viral load above 107 PCV2 DNA copies per ml serum was also recorded in 18 out of 34 pigs without any clinical signs of PMWS, suggesting that these pigs were able to initiate a protective immune response to PCV2.

Published in

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
2009, Volume: 51, article number: 13