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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2009

Colloidal Centrifugation of Stallion Semen: Changes in Sperm Motility, Velocity, and Chromatin Integrity during Storage

Morrell, Jane; Johannisson, Anders; Strutz, Hanna; Dalin, Anne-Marie; Rodriguez-Martinez, Heriberto


The current study investigated the changes in sperm quality (motility, velocity, and chromatin integrity) occurring during storage at room temperature or 5 degrees C for up to 48 hours in spermatozoa after extension or single-layer centrifugation (SLC) throught Androcoll-E. In unselected samples, all parameters of sperm quality deteriorated significantly during storage (P < .01), although the deterioration was faster at room temperature (22-30 degrees C) than for cool storage (P < .01). The SLC-selected spermatozoa had higher motility, velocity, and chromatin integrity than the overall unselected population (motility: selected 85 +/- 10%, unselected 56 +/- 13%; P < .001; velocity: selected 85.1 +/- 13 mu m/second, unselected 63.5 +/- 15 mu m/second; P < .001; and DFI selected 12.2 +/- 4.8 mu m/second; unselected 23.6 +/- 7.4 mu m/second; P < .001). Furthermore, sperm quality did not deteriorate with storage in the SLC-selected samples, either at room temperature (22-30 degrees C for 24 hours) or cooled to 4 degrees C (for at least 48 hours), whereas a significant deterioration in sperm quality was observed in the unselected sperm samples (P < .01). Thus, room temperature storage of SLC-selected spermatozoa may be an option for insemination doses from stallions whose spermatozoa do not tolerate cooling. In addition, a new sperm analyzer, the Qualisperm, showed good correlation with subjective motility assessment (r = 0.8, P < .001), was user-friendly, and provided a reasonable volume of data. This instrument may be a useful adjunct to sperm quality assessment at the study.


Single-layer centrifugation; Stallion spermatozoa; Qualisperm motility and velocity; Chromatin integrity

Published in

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science
2009, Volume: 29, number: 1, pages: 24-32