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Research article2013Peer reviewedOpen access

Plant-soil feedbacks: the past, the present and future challenges

van der Putten, Wim H.; Bardgett, Richard D.; Bever, James D.; Bezemer, T. Martijn; Casper, Brenda B.; Fukami, Tadashi; Kardol, Paul; Klironomos, John N; Kulmatiski, Andrew; Schweitzer, Jennifer A.; Suding, Katherine N.; Van de Voorde, Tess F. J.; Wardle, David


5. Synthesis. Gaining a greater understanding of plant-soil feedbacks and underlying mechanisms is improving our ability to predict consequences of these interactions for plant community composition and productivity under a variety of conditions. Future research will enable better prediction and mitigation of the consequences of human-induced global changes, improve efforts of restoration and conservation and promote sustainable provision of ecosystem services in a rapidly changing world.


abundance; biodiversity-ecosystem functioning; density dependence; historical contingency; invasiveness; mycorrhizal fungi; plant-soil (below-ground) interactions; priority effect; rarity; succession

Published in

Journal of Ecology
2013, Volume: 101, number: 2, pages: 265-276