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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Climatic control of forest herb seed banks along a latitudinal gradient

Plue, Jan; De Frenne, Pieter; Acharya, Kamal; Brunet, Jörg; Chabrerie, Olivier; Decocq, Guillaume; Diekmann, Martin; Graae, Bente J.; Heinken, Thilo; Hermy, Martin; Kolb, Annette; Lemke, Isgard; Liira, Jaan; Naaf, Tobias; Verheyen, Kris; Wulf, Monika; Cousins, Sara A O; Shevtsova, Anna


Main conclusions Seed bank patterns show clear interspecific variation in response to climate across the distribution range. Not all seed banking species may be as well equipped to buffer climate change via their seed bank, notably in short-term persistent species. Since the buffering capacity of seed banks is key to species persistence, these results provide crucial information to advance climatic change predictions on range shifts, community and biodiversity responses.


Climate change; interspecific variation; plant-climate interaction; seed longevity; seed production; temperate deciduous forest; temperature

Published in

Global Ecology and Biogeography
2013, Volume: 22, number: 10, pages: 1106-1117

    SLU Authors

      • Shevtsova, Anna

        • Umeå University

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