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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Electronics Supply Chain – Motivations and Challenges of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration’

Airike, Peppi-Emilia; Rotter, Julia; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia


Multi-stakeholder collaboration is considered as an opportunity for addressing multifaceted issues that companies, governments and society face in an interconnected world. This paper explores motivations and challenges from a corporate perspective for engaging in multi-stakeholder collaboration and dialogue as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. The paper is based on a qualitative, multiple-case study design that focuses on the issue of ‘conflict minerals’. These minerals refer to minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in conditions of severe human rights violations. These minerals are used as raw materials for example in consumer electronic products, this linking the electronic industry to the human rights abuses. Intel, Motorola Solutions and Nokia were selected as case companies based on their proactive engagement in collaborative activities. Empirical data is obtained by in-depth, semi-structured interviews with management representatives in the case companies. The identified motivations are mostly linked to the complex nature of the problem and the fact that a diverse set of stakeholders is needed to address the problem. The challenges are mostly related to different backgrounds and perspectives of stakeholders. The findings demonstrate the importance of collective action when addressing complex CSR issues that reach beyond company boundaries.


Conflict minerals, dialogue, responsible sourcing, stakeholder, supply chain

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ISBN: 978-975-06-1708-9
Publisher: Anadolu University Publications


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