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Research article2013Peer reviewedOpen access

Evaluation of osteochondral sample collection guided by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for early detection of osteoarthritis in centrodistal joints of young Icelandic horses

Ley, Charles; Ekman, Stina; Dahlberg, Leif E.; Björnsdottir, Sigridur; Hansson, Kerstin


Conclusions and Clinical Relevance-CT and MRI aided the detection of focal changes suggestive of early-stage osteoarthritis in the centrodistal joints of equine cadavers and may be useful for detection of similar disease in live horses. The first morphological changes of centrodistal joint osteoarthritis were suspected to be in the articular cartilage and the articular mineralization front regions. (Am J Vet Res 2013;74:874-887)

Published in

American Journal of Veterinary Research
2013, Volume: 74, number: 6, pages: 874-887