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Research article2013Peer reviewed

Coexistence and expression profiles of two alternative splice variants of the pheromone receptor gene pre-1 in Neurospora crassa

Strandberg, R.; Tzelepis, Georgios; Johannesson, Hanna; Karlsson, Magnus


In this study, we show that two splice variants of the pheromone receptor gene (pre-1) transcript coexist in vegetative and reproductive tissues of the filamentous ascomycete fungus Neurospora crassa. The two splice variants differ by intron retention of the last intron, which is predicted to result in a premature stop codon and loss of 322 amino acids in the C-terminal cytosolic region of PRE-1. Using quantitative PCR, we show that expression of the variants is influenced by mating type (mat), with a higher proportion of intron-spliced transcripts in a mat A strain and a higher proportion of the intron-retained variant in a mat a strain. The intron-retained PRE-1 variant is predicted to lack 6 ubiquitination sites that may influence receptor function. In conclusion, N. crassa produce two pre-1 splice variants that display different transcription profiles.


Alternative splicing; Gene expression; Neurospora; Pheromone receptor gene

Published in

Archives of Microbiology
2013, Volume: 195, number: 10-11, pages: 773-780
Publisher: SPRINGER