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Research article2014Peer reviewedOpen access

Awareness-raising of landscape in practice. An analysis of Landscape Character Assessments in England

Butler, Andrew; Åkerskog, Ann


Awareness-raising is one of the measures which signatories to the European Landscape Convention are expected to realise, yet it is unclear what awareness-raising entails when related to an ambiguous subject such as landscape. Our study builds a conceptual understanding of awareness-raising of landscape, recognising that it cannot be a purely top-down process but needs to be seen as a "multi-directional transfer of knowledge" or "co-creation of meaning". We have used this conceptual understanding as a lens for analysing practices which in some form help raise awareness of landscape. Document studies of Landscape Character Assessments undertaken in England since 2007 and interviews with key actors involved in Landscape Character Assessments were carried out in order to understand how awareness-raising is addressed. The findings suggest that while often overlooked or recognised as a top down endeavour landscape assessments have potential to develop co-creation of meaning.


Awareness-raising; Landscape; Landscape Character Assessment; European Landscape Convention; Co-creation of meaning

Published in

Land Use Policy
2014, Volume: 36, article number: 43