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International collaborative study on microbial coagulants – Determination of total milk-clotting activity

Andrén, Anders


An international collaborative study was performed in the end of 1993 on the draft version of the method "Microbial Coagulants – Determination of total milk-clotting activity" (see Appendix 1) by members of IDF Group E51 and other interested parties in order to determine the precision parameters (repeatability and reproducibility). The principle of the method is to measure the total milk-clotting activity (strength) of microbial coagulant samples containing enzymes from any of Mucor miehei, Mucor pusillus or Endothia parasitica relative to a reference standard of the very same composition as the sample. Note that the names of the organisms producing the enzymes have been changed into Rhizomucor miehei, Rhizomucor pusillus and Chryphonectria parasitica, respectively, since the collaborative study was performed, but the old names are used in this report. The results of the study allowed to state values for precision as r (rel) = 5.5% and R (rel) = 15.6%, which are now incorporated in the international standard ISO 15174|IDF 176.

Published in

Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation
2013, number: 461, pages: 12-16

    UKÄ Subject classification

    Analytical Chemistry
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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