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Milk as payment for farm labour: the dairy economy of a Swedish estate, 1874-1913

Martiin, Carin


The development of Swedish commercial dairy production in the late nineteenth century should not be regarded as a distinct shift from one kind of production to another, nor did it imply a change from a Subsistence to a cash economy. Oil the basis of an investigation of an estate archive from Krusenberg, this article aims at a more nuanced interpretation of this process. It reveals that production for self-sufficiency Continued side-by-side with commercial butter production. The use of milk on the estate increased over time, chiefly through the continued use of milk as a means of payment for farm labour. The strategy oil this particular estate illustrates a more general tendency in Swedish agriculture around the turn of the Century.


Textbook, Global agriculture, Food chain, Market orientation, Subsistence farming, Demography, Farming practices, Food security, Food safety, Land, Crops, Animal husbandry, Non foods, Farm management, Farm work, Agricultural trade

Published in

Agricultural History Review
2008, Volume: 56, number: 2, pages: 167-188 ISBN: 978-0-415-59360-1
Publisher: Routledge

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