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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Fyra dåligt kända skalbaggar i vedsvamp: våra rödlistade tickgnagare (sl. Dorcatoma, Ptinidae)

Jonsell, Mats


In the series of papers about poorly known beetles in Sweden, the turn has come to the four red-listed species of Dorcatoma. Three of them have been recorded from only one or a few sites: Dorcatoma janssoni Büche & Lundberg, 2002 is found on two areas in the province of Uppland, reared from wood decayed by the fungus Fomitopsis pinicola; D. minor Zahradnik, 1993 has been recorded from two sites at river Dalälven and from Småland (however only females which means that the identification is not 100% confirmed), having its larval development in fruiting bodies of Fomes fomentarius; D. ambjoerni Baranowski, 1985 is still only known from the type locality Hallands Väderö (Skåne, southernmost Sweden) in fruiting bodies of Inonotus. The fourth red-listed species D. substriata Hummel, 1829 is more frequent (127 records on the website ”Artportalen”) and is mainly reared from fungi of the genus Inonotus. Additional records of all four species can probably be made through directed search. The beetles are easily reared from dead or dying fruiting bodies of the host fungi collected during the cold season. Revision of material in collections could also reveal records of the recently described species. In addition to the mentioned species there are also three species known from neighbouring countries might be found in Sweden.

Published in

Entomologisk tidskrift
2013, Volume: 134, number: 4, pages: 173-180

    UKÄ Subject classification

    Biological Systematics

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