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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

A rare event – an isolated outbreak of the pine-tree lappet moth (Dendrolimus pini) in the Stockholm archipelago

Björkman, Christer; Lindelöw, Åke; Eklund, Karin; Kyrk, Staffan; Klapwijk, Maartje; Fedderwitz, Frauke; Nordlander, Göran


The pine-tree lappet moth, Dendrolimus pini (L.), belonging to the family Lasiocampidae has a wide distribution in Eurasia. In Sweden it is normally found up to 61°N and normally occurs at low densities. In central Europe there have been several reports of outbreaks in historical time. In Sweden the last known outbreak before the one reported here was in 1938-40 in Värmland. In this paper we report a recent severe D. pini outbreak that was discovered in 2012 on the small island Furuskär in the Stockholm archipelago. The distribution of the damage on the island as well as a detailed inventory of larvae and pupae on individual trees is presented. Several photographs are presented to illustrate the damage. In the paper we formulate and try to answer several questions that arose as a natural consequence of this rare event: Why was this particular island hit? What are the causes behind the outbreak? What will happen to the trees and the vegetation on the island? Will the outbreak continue? Will the outbreak spread?

Published in

Entomologisk tidskrift
2013, Volume: 134, number: 1-2, pages: 1-9