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Conference paper2013Open access

Estimation of forest variables using radargrammetry on TerraSAR-X data in combination with a high resolution DEM

Persson, Henrik; Fransson, Johan


This study uses the backscattered intensity information from SAR images acquired with TerraSAR-X to derive Digital Surface Models with radargrammetry. Then the known ground elevation (from airborne lidar) is subtracted to get Canopy Height Models that are analysed and linked through regression analysis to the forest variables above-ground biomass and tree height. It was found, that the used constellation of image pairs and prediction models produced biomass estimations at stand level with 25.9% and 33.8% relative RMSE, while the height estimations were 11.5% and 12.3%. The analyses were tested at the Swedish test sites Krycklan and Remningstorp.

Published in

Esa Sp
2013, Volume: 2013, number: SP-722
ISBN: 978-92-9221-286-5
Publisher: European Space Agency


Living Planet Symposium