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Proceedings (editor), 2013

Pre-breeding - fishing in the gene pool



This Book of Abstracts “Pre-breeding – fi shing in the gene pool” includes the summary for each of the invited keynotes, volunteer talks and posters presented at the EUCARPIA Genetic Resources Section Meeting held at the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp from 10 to 13 June 2013. This meeting gathers various members of the gene bank community of practice as well as users of the genetic resources from all around Europe and the World. The selected overall theme for the meeting is “Pre-Breeding - fi shing in the gene pool” because we want to discuss how we better can use our genetic resources to cope with the issues being faced today by humankind. Germplasm enhancement or pre-breeding refers to the transfer or introgression of genes and gene combinations from non-adapted sources into breeding materials. It should therefore be understood as an early component of sustainable plant breeding that deals with identifying a useful character, capturing its genetic diversity, and putting genes into usable forms that will be further used in population improvement or line development. During this gathering we will address the role of genomics for adding value to genebank holdings and facilitating their management, the conservation and use of crop wild relatives in germplasm enhancement, how plant genetic resources serve multifunctional agriculture and what traits gene banks can offer to address climate change. We will also learn more about the role of gene banks for ensuring food and feed, and how genetic diversity contributes to human health and nutrition. Last but not least we will assess how genetic endowments can be used in crop breeding to reduce agriculture´s footprints, as well as on the management of intellectual property for plant genetic resources, particularly in the light of increasing public-private partnerships on pre-breeding. The book content follows the order indicated in the program of this conference.

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