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Agroecology in practice : walking the talk

Eksvärd, Karin; Lönngren, Gabriella; Cuadra, Margarita; Francis, Charles; Johansson, Börje; Namanjl, Stella; Rydberg, Torbjörn; Ssekyewa, Charles; Gissén, Charlott; Salomonsson, Lennart


This publication not only presents a basic platform that, according to the authors, provides for R&D to contribute to sustainable development. It also gives an overview of agroecology as well as a peek into the work, ideas and activities of agroecologists ‘walking their talk’ of this broad subject. The reader is quickly facilitated to think about core issues for sustainable development through the presentation of accepted starting points for our knowledge development and possible alternatives. Practical consequences in the area of agroecology are given and shared in examples and the more personal chapters. The publication can also be used as a piece of literature to build any length of agroecology education and training on. Use only examples, the whole report, or go further with the help of the in depth suggestions and given literature. Any story needed can easily be added on. The material can be downloaded at and is free to share. We hope you enjoy this presentation of Agroecology and that it will inspire and encourage you on the walk of your talk.


Agroecology; Agro-ecosystem

Published in

Rapporter Institutionen för stad och land
2014, number: 2014:1
ISBN: 978-91-85735-31-0
Publisher: Institutionen för stad och land, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet