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Book chapter - Peer-reviewed, 2014

Environmental Applications of Poplars and Willows

Isebrands, J. G.; Aronsson, P.; Carlson, M.; Ceulemans, R.; Coleman, M.; Dickinson, N.; Dimitriou, J.; Doty, S.; Gardiner, E.; Heinsoo, K.; Johnson, J. D.; Koo, Y. B.; Kort, J.; Kuzovkina, J.; Licht, L.; McCracken, A. R.; McIvor, I.; Mertens, P.; Perttu, K.; Riddell-Black, D.;
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Book title: Poplars and willows: Trees for society and the environment
ISBN: 978-1-78064-108-9
Publisher: CABI Publishers