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Conference poster2013Open access

Healthy and organic food, more than just eating

Von Essen, Elisabeth


The patterns of food consumption are changing among young people. It is expressed in their awareness of how food affects health in both positive and negative ways. The acts of buying, cooking and eating food are related to cultural values and the social and psychological life of the individual. References to identity formation and health are frequently made in consumer research. However there are also other perspectives to consider, which has not yet been looked upon. The aim of this study was to investigate young adults personal experience associated to the choice of organic food from a psychological perspective. In depth interviews were made with 30 young adults favouring organic food. The interviews were carried out in different parts of Sweden between 2011 and 2012. Questions where asked about their choice of healthy eating based on eating organic food. The interviews lasted between one and a half and two hours. The analysis followed the four steps of the descriptive phenomenological psychological method developed by Giorgi (2009). Preliminary results show that young adults experiences and explorations of organic food is related to the need to be both physically healthy and in the sense of subjective Well-being involving expressions of self though food. Further more also creating a sustainable future where they feel as individuals with their own identities.

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The 13th European Congress of Psychology