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Public-private partnerships and social performance in the forest industry

Kokko, Suvi; Lukkarinen, Jonathan; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia


Purpose: The objective of this paper is to describe motives, conditions and perceived outcomes of public-private partnerships as it currently develops in the forestry industry in Sweden. Design: A comparative case study of three Swedish forest products companies operating nationally, regionally and internationally. The study is based on secondary materials and in-depth-interviews conducted with representatives from the case companies and non-governmental organizations. Findings: Principal business motives for engaging in a public-private partnership relate to the simplified access to expertise and increased corporate legitimacy. A strengthened stakeholder dialogue has enhanced the base for decision-making potentially leading to creation of shared value. Limitations: The paper explores public-private partnerships from a business perspective based on three case studies. Implications: This paper offers insight for corporate decision-makers interested in enhancing dialogue with society and looking for ways to create shared value with a larger set of stakeholders, in low and high income countries. Contribution: This research provides empirical support for perceived social performance outcomes from cross-sectorial collaboration and the opportunities for the creation of shared value in the forest industry sector. Furthermore, the research highlights the need for further research on extending public-private collaborations beyond corporate social responsibility activities to actively contribute to deliberate societal changes through creation of shared value.

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Social Business
2014, Volume: 4, number: 1, pages: 15-31

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